Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Garden Pics

Hydrangea blooms of the this summer. A couple are as big as my head...well almost! ;D

Finally...I thought I had better post some Summer Blooms...before they became Brown Autumn Blooms....

The Wisteria is doing beautiful this year. This is the 1st bloom when it finally had gotten some leaves on. The second bloom was last month. Now, It has Gone Wild! I have to trim it this week...I will take a picture before I trim it. WOW! You should see it! It loves it's Western exposure. The hydrangea , just below the left side of the wisteria, are photos of them early summer, just starting to come in...wait til you see them now!

Anyway, for anyone one still lingering :D, here are pictures of the other side of my house, the garage side.....I had a beautiful array of Iris in the spring...but, unfortunately, was too busy with my trailer project, and forgot to take pictures...well, there's always next year!

There's white campunula, shasta daisy, lambs ear, hosta, Iris, white swan rudeckia or coneflower, and lavender repeated throughout. I believe in only planted what does well in your garden space. I give a plant a try...and if it doesn't do well after the first year, I move it , or replace it with something else. Gardening shouldn't be a chore, so plant what your love, but it has to be in a an area that it will do well in. A gardens creed, Trial and Error. It's really the only way, each plant has its own needs, and each yard in each area is different.

If you haven't noticed yet, my garden is all white, well, almost with exception of the blooms of the Wisteria, a couple blue iris, some lavender, some sunflowers, well white is my main color:D

Planted some Clematis climbing on a small trellis my husband made for me. I just planted it this year to cover-up an ugly meter, it did pretty good, they are very slow to start, but next year should be more of a show. I still need to cover the front/bottom of the plant with some lavender to keep the roots cool. I saw a little browning today, I'll need to tend to that soon.

In the front of my House, which is my actually, the garage, My windowboxes came out really well. I planted Limelite Coleus,White Petunia, White Coral Bells, Purple Alyssumm, Boccopa, and some Ivy Leafed Accenet plant...cant remember the name of.

The TinCan Cottage waits patiently out front for its next road trip!

These Obedient plants and White Gayfeather or Liatris are prominent right now out in my front garden and front side garden, and Oh How the Bees Love Them! Just look at the size of these guys!!! They don't bother me ... I don't bother them. I get a little close sometimes, we get along just fine sharing my small garden!

Herb Garden Side...I have tons of Dill, Sage, Too Much Mint, Apple Mint and Lemon Mint, great for teas but there taking over my garden! I have to redo this area and plant them in pots in the next couple of weeks. to do list entry no. 9 :D
thyme, chamomile, and chives. I only plant what I might actually use in the kitchen.

Believe it or not, I did not plant any tomatoes this year! The tomatoes that I left last fall, I worked into the garden soil and voila! I will show pictures as soon as some of them ripen. If I remember correctly, I planted tiny yellow salad grape tomatoes, red grape tomatoes, medium sized tomatoes. Tomato plants for a second year, I think this is quite unheard of in Michigan's climate, so this is a real blessing! Thank you lord!

As for the things that God planted...that is to say, I just left some seeds unattended to...and there they grew! A blessing for a lazy gardener!

Some Gourds that I just left behind my Hydrangeas last fall...I will keep you updated on what they become, I'm not sure which ones they were, if it's the one's i think they are, well they're kind of big, will have to see.:D

I haven't planted a sunflower in the last 3 years, they just keep coming up right in the same spot!

Here is my backyard porch, since we don't have a deck yet, my husband made us this shaded area so we could sit and relax later in the day. Iam still planting my garden back here, right now I just have a couple of pots of these Huge Coleous , and in the front, I planted Arborvitaes for some privacy. I'll be adding some Mums later this month, and I plan on drawing out the plans for next years flower garden. Stay tuned!:D

I thank you for coming by to see my Summer Blooms, I will add more pictures as the summer winds down.

Enjoy the rest of your summer days!!!

Sunshine and Smiles