Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Got My Eye On You!

I Wanted to share this... looked-up...I don't know why, but, there he was! I haven't seen one of these prehistoric insects in years, and there it was, I think it's called a praying mantis, right there on my living room transom window looking right down at me! As I took these pictures, he actually, moved his head, and looked down at me...I hope you can see him better when you enlarge the picture.

See How His Head Is Turned Now..? Looking right at me!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little down, as I walked into the living room, I happened to look up, I saw this large creature, I pulled a chair over and climbed up unto it to get a closer picture, a thought came straight into my head... I'm there for you...watching over you...your not alone! Now, looking back, why would those thoughts come into my head.? I hope you don't find me nutty;D, but, I really believe that all the creatures large and small, are God's watchful eyes letting us know that he is here for us.
God must have known I needed to know he was there, and he was watching over me.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

I needed that reminder, and it truly gave me comfort

Blessings and Happiness to you!