Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Leaves Are Here

I took a new picture of the Wisteria with the leaves now bursting open. It looks a lot better with the leaves on don't you think?

Beautiful Blue Skies Today, thought I would show you a close-up of the birds nest nestled in the Wisteria branches...I can hear the little babies out my front door:D
Watch your head though ;D!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Growing Day by Day!

Off and Growing!

My Wisteria always blooms first on a "Naked" vine, I've been meaning to ask the master gardner at my farmers market, but always forget. Well, no matter!:D It's beautiful and fragrant just the same, and after these fragrant blooms go away, the leaves begin to burst , and then another burst of fragrant blooms comes forth! The Bees come ofcourse, but they never bother me, so I just enjoy theyr'e lovely yellow and black jacketed company!

Not sure if you can see it in this picture, on the left, but I have a family of finches that have built a small cottage unto my single home condo. Now I guess you could say that I live in a double home condo!:) Welcome little friends!

The front of the porch is doing splendid as well, if you have seen my original pics from last year, you can see what the Hydrangea's will become...Oh the wonders of Nature! To see the new begining of each plant is to see the Wonder and Promise of our Lord! Thank-you Lord for your Gifts!

Here is the front border is creeping phlox and come summer, I will have white iris-in summer, obediant plants, lambs ear, stock and shasta daisy in the fall. I will be adding my annuals after memorial day, there still is a chance a frost here in Michigan, and I don't take any chances on planting til after memorial day. * Note: the back of the picture is the garage where my tiny trailer is sqeezed into , and awaiting the day she will roll out completed! :D

Here is the front/side view of my homes tiny side yard, this is where I manage my Herbs Garden with all the herbs I cook with, such as Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Basil, Fennel, Cilantro,and Tomatoes and Peppers, I even have a couple of wild strawberries at the end, sorta of a Galley Garden :) Can you believe I get all this in this tiny suburb garden? Oh My!:D

I will show my Garage side garden next time, I have a Door with a couple of Urns I am working on for summer... I will show a before and after then.:)

Thanx for stopping by!

I will add more picture as things Grow Along!

Have A Bright Sunshiny kind of Day!


Friday, May 1, 2009

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE & GARDEN! Where the Doors' Always Open, Just in case...the Key is under the welcome mat! Come On In!

Hi, This Section will be a place that I put Blog Posts that directly pertain to my House and Garden.

Since I will be spending more time outside in my garden, and maybe even cleaning things up from time to time :D, I thought it would be a good idea to post these things separate for those who just want to read my TinCan Cottage blog for those posts just about my silly adventures with my Trailer project.

So for those with any interest at all, it's Ok of course if you don't,:D
I will share my Garden and House pictures and things through this blog/link.

I will tell you the history of my House & Gardens journey these past / fast 5 (6 years this November)

The Journey just might be Bittersweet, since , the economy the way it is, here in Michigan, it may be the end of my stay here.:( But this is Not the End of my journey by any means! I know, whatever happens, it is in My Lords Hands, For a Purpose unknown to me. Good things Always happen in ways I least expect it and out of something that appears to be negative and always, for the better!

I have already excepted his Grace to take the wheel for this portion of my Journey! Praise you Lord for Your Many Blessings!

God Bless All Who Read this! :D

I Hope you Enjoy your Visit!


Topiary's in front of Garage

The Front of My House around July 2008

Wisteria around the Arch on front porch of my home and Hydrangeas in front of the porch

The Wisteria had already bloomed

I will Post New Pics of the Developing branches now, and this years 2009, blossoms of late Spring


See You Soon! :D