Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Mother's Day Early!

Hi ! I'm Peggy....I Just Love It Her ....I'm Nestled in at Christines'' place, right under her Front Door Porch Light, This Basket is Just the Perfect Place for Hatching my Twins.... Peggy Sue and Peter Junior. Although, once in a while, at night, they forget , Not to turn on the Porch Light...Ouch....my eyes....But other than that, it's Just Swell here! My Little Ones, sure keep me busy...or should I say, rested...with one eye open. ...I never leave my nest, and Peter, my Husband has been such a Gem of a Husband.....He stays right around the porch , Cooing to let me know he is just a "Coo"away... He lets me take a break for food now and again. He even takes a turn keeping our babies warm!

Hey Mom...Where 'd u go???

It's been so nice here at Christine's , though I did see her out Gardening Yesterday,...Uh, Oh...Maybe she wants to put some of lovely pansies in this basket too?...
Well, the Kids will be grown in No time don't ya know, and she can always plant after Mother's Day....I'm Sure She won't mind! :D

I Don't Peggy...Don't you Worry your Pretty Little Self...
Just concentrate on your little one's right now
that's what is Important!

They're will always be Time to Plant!

Oh, And , A Early " Happy Mother's Day" to You Peggy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day! A Bit of Green and A Rainbow Too!

Let Me Share A Bit Of the Green Today with Ya...and maybe I can throw in a Rainbow Too!

Hope Your St. Patrick's Day is Filled with Sunshine and Shamrocks!

Can You See the Rainbow in this Pic I took this Afternoon? ....

How Bout' This One...

This was on my Wall this afternoon, A Bit of Leprechaun Magic, Don't Ya Think? "D now..., where do you think he left that Pot Of Gold? " D

I Hope Your Day is Filled With Rainbows and Sunshine...and A little Luck from my Leprechaun Friend Too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope Your Day Is Filled with Love!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So Here it is, My Granny Square Crocheted Quilt Collection

All Sizes from Full to Lap Size

10 So Far!

Like them All - That Really Make Me Smile

I Know how to crochet, but have never made any myself...one of these days...I added to ...Want to Make List "D

I Collect Mostly Black Wool, but some are blends, and I do pick-up an occasional Color that I just cant resist :D
Like the Green Above (acrylic)

This Lovely Lap Size, Brown (all Wool) and the other brown (all wool on bed)

And this beautiful Full Size White Granny Square I just found last week...
a mere....you'll never guess....$3.00 WOW

Like All Collections....It All Started With One....and on it goes... Til, Well, I run out of places to put them..Hmmm, maybe I will have to find another little trailer

And Now My Milk Glass or White Glass Collection...
or should I say...Obsession
Is there a White Glass Anonymous?
Uh, Oh, I Don't think I can Stop "D

And on to the other Rooms....Mixed in with my Vintage White Pottery Collection...We'll Cover that the next time "D

I Hope You Enjoyed My Collections...Still to Come

Vintage Wedding

Until Then

Thanx for Stopping By!

Have A Wonderful Day!


Friday, January 29, 2010

I Baked, and Baked! Made about 50 Trays and Containers for Family and Friends
Here are some of the LeftOvers
Thinking About Making these Little House Cookies Again for Valentines...aren't they Adorable?

My Little Vintage Christmas House shhhhh..It's still up, can't seem to put it away ;D

Pics of My Sitting Room Just Before the Holidays

The Left Side of My Sitting Room

My Sitting Room Pics

Right Side of My Sitting Room where I keep some of My Cook Book Collection

Since October??? Oh! I'm Bad!

Well, here come the excuses...I didn't have a Camera, I fell and broke my leg on a family ski trip...well you get the picture :D

Anyway, Had a Wonderful Christmas with my family. They really spoiled me this year! Got a Camera I'm still trying to figure out. :D

Resolution this year....., Learn to use this Camera, and blog consistently...Well, will see "D

NEXT POST: Next Week, Monday....Some of My COLLECTIONS....

GRANNY SQUARE AFGHANS, MILK GLASS....oh my, way Wait til you see.HOW MANY!....... :O

Thanx for Stopping By to Say Hi!

Hope You Have a Nice Weekend!